United Hospital

Congratulations to United Hospital in Saint Paul, Minnesota on attaining accreditation as a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery. United Hospital is the largest hospital in the Twin Cities east metro area, and its staff and surgeons, including:
• Dr. Todd Brandt
• Dr. Patricia Chang
• Dr. Bob Gaertner
• Dr. Patricia Huberty
• Dr. Christopher Knoedler
• Dr. Victor Liew
• Dr. Amy McNally
• Dr. Ron Mjanger
• Dr. Jessica Thomes Pepin
• Dr. Anthony Polcari
• Dr. Paul Scott
• Dr. Pete Sershon
• Dr. Mark Sneider
• Dr. Basir Tareen

bring the safest and most advanced care to their surgical patients.

Site inspector, Sue Bunnell, awards United Hospital with COERS.