Surgical Review Corporation is a nonprofit, patient safety organization. We accredit the top facilities, surgeons and medical professionals worldwide that meet our proven standards. Look for our seal, expect excellence.

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Our Accreditation Process


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Once the application fee is paid and the Terms and Conditions accepted, the applicant attains Provisional Status, the first milestone in the accreditation process. During Provisional Status, applicants will receive their site inspection preparation materials, schedule their site inspection and receive preparation assistance from SRC’s site inspection team as needed.

The purpose of an SRC site inspection is to confirm that the applicant meets each accreditation requirement. They are not pass/fail. Instead, applicants are given sufficient time to rectify any deficiencies identified during the inspection. SRC is closely involved with the applicant during preparation for the inspection. Site inspections are not a surprise. Applicants are in control of a date that is convenient for them.

Site inspectors are full-time employees of SRC. They are committed to helping facilities and medical professionals succeed in patient safety.

Accreditation awards are not simply handed out to any and all applicants. Although rigorous and thorough, each inspection is a meaningful experience. They are as consultative as they are evaluative. SRC inspectors routinely provide sites with useful recommendations gained from inspecting thousands of the best centers worldwide.

Once the site inspection has been successfully completed, SRC will notify the applicants they have earned accreditation. If a candidate is not approved, they will be given the opportunity to correct any deficiencies and be reconsidered for accreditation.

Accreditation remains in place as long as the medical professional remains in good standing and in verifiable compliance with all current requirements and other program criteria. Although designees are evaluated periodically throughout their accreditation, site inspections are performed every three years. Designees should periodically refer to the requirements section for updated requirements and amendments.