For Patients


SRC is a nonprofit patient safety organization. Our accreditation programs are designed to improve the way you receive healthcare services.

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What does SRC’s gold seal of accreditation mean for you, the patient?

  • SRC is independent and objective. Unlike some accreditation programs, we are not part of a medical society that uses its members to evaluate their colleagues. Our inspectors are unbiased, full-time SRC employees.
  • The requirements for our accreditation programs have been proven to improve outcomes and reduce the time you will spend in the hospital. No one benefits from poor outcomes.
  • SRC accredits facilities and medical professionals that are committed to creating and sustaining a culture of excellence. SRC accreditation is not a marketing gimmick. Our designees dedicate significant time and resources to achieve their accreditation.
  • SRC designees must adhere to our accreditation standards. We confirm compliance of these standards through rigorous inspections. Our inspections include evaluation of: equipment used for treatment, patient education and support groups, treatment pathways and consultative services. Key members of the treatment team are interviewed. Detailed medical chart reviews are performed to verify the experience of each medical professional applicant and to evaluate whether the care they provide is thorough and complete.
  • SRC is one of the few organizations that accredits both the medical facility and specific medical professionals. Many programs only accredit the hospital, not the individuals who actually provide the care – the physician. SRC is also unique because we accredit specific departments/specialties, not the entire hospital or surgery center.

As a healthcare consumer, you deserve nothing less than excellent care. SRC’s gold seal means that you can expect excellence. Our high standards and evaluation process eliminates your guesswork. If your provider is not accredited by SRC, ask them why.

While an SRC accreditation represents excellence, it does not guarantee perfection. As with any procedure or surgery, there are associated risks and complications. You must do your part by following your doctors’ orders to achieve desired outcomes.

SRC is a patient safety organization, not a patient advocacy group. We do not advocate on behalf of individual patients. If you experience issues with your medical condition or course of treatment, contact your medical professional.

SRC does not handle health insurance coverage issues. Such matters should be directed to your health care provider, insurance company and/or human resources department.