St. Dominic Hospital

Congratulations to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi on attaining accreditation as a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery. The staff and surgeons, including:
– Dr. David Waddell
– Dr. Felix Gordon, Jr.
– Dr. Jonathan Adkins
– Dr. Timothy Abston
– Dr. James Chandler
– Dr. Patrick Scanlon, Jr.
– Dr. John Baten
– Dr. Christen Haygood
– Dr. Richard Yelverton
– Dr. D. Paul Seago
– Dr. Steven Patterson

at St. Dominic’s strives to not only provide care for the sick but also to offer education and wellness services to the community in order to improve the health status of those around them and eliminate risk factors for more serious health problems.

Site inspector, Teresa Leath, awards COERS to the surgeons and staff.