Holy Cross Hospital

SRC recognizes Holy Cross Hospital, who has been committed to quality patient care as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology since 2014. Led by a skilled team of two Master Surgeons and seven Surgeons of Excellence, Holy Cross has become a national leader in minimally invasive gynecology surgery. In fact, the facility performs more inpatient gynecologic and gynecologic oncology procedures than any other hospital in Maryland.
Master Surgeons at Holy Cross:
Dr. Stella L. Blosser
Dr. George Anthony Resta
Surgeons of Excellence at Holy Cross:
Dr. Rupen P. Baxi
Dr. Evan Friedman
Dr. Roy Khoury
Dr. Randolph Lizardo
Dr. Shobha Sikka
Dr. Albert Steren
Dr. Selena Thomas