Dupont Hospital

Congratulations to Dupont Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on attaining dual Center of Excellence accreditation in Robotic Surgery (COERS) and Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG). Dupont Hospital was designed by physicians, and is a joint venture between the Lutheran Health Network and more than 260 area physicians.
The staff and surgeons at Dupont Hospital, including:
– Dr. Scott C. Boyd (COERS, COEMIG)
– Dr. Francis Paul Esguerra (COERS, COEMIG)
– Dr. Craig E. Hanson (COERS, COEMIG)
– Dr. Thomas J. Lorenc (COERS, COEMIG)
– Dr. Mary Ann Meo (COERS)
– Dr. Christopher B. Stroud (COERS, COEMIG)
– Dr. Joshua M. Wallet (COERS)

are committed to excellence in all aspects of care through education, prevention, treatment and support, and work to create a five-star experience by exceeding individual expectations for all who enter their door.

Site inspector, Teresa Leath, awards COEMIG & COERS to the surgeons and staff.