SRC proudly recognizes Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian as a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery for upholding superior patient safety and quality care. Hoag has the most Da Vinci Robots in Orange County, California, which offers patients more convenient scheduling and faster recovery times across several areas including cardiac, gynecologic, and general surgery. As a national leader in robotic surgery, Hoag’s highly-experienced surgical team has completed more than 10,000 robotic surgeries and continues to exceed clinical benchmarks and guidelines for robotic-assisted surgery.

Hoag’s Surgeons of Excellence in Robotic Surgery include:
-Dr. Lisa Abaid
-Dr. Tiffany Lee Beck
-Dr. John Vincent Brown
-Dr. Colin Joyo
-Dr. Moses Kim
-Dr. Catalin Gabriel Marinescu
-Dr. Alberto Mendivil
-Dr. Daryl Pearlstein
-Dr. Babak N. Rad
-Dr. Robert Russell Torrey
-Dr. Jeffrey S. Yoshida
-Dr. Peter C. Wang
-Dr. Marc L. Winter