Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Santa Catarina, Brazil, has been a Center of Excellence in Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery since 2015. With the help of Master Surgeon, Dr. Ricardo Reis do Nascimento, and Surgeon of Excellence, Dr. Darlan De Medeiros Kestering, they continue to build the hospital’s high surgical volumes while maintaining optimal outcomes, allowing […]

Hospital Samaritano Botafogo

Already an SRC-accredited Center of Excellence in Urology, Robotic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery, Hospital Samaritano in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, has now attained a 4th Center of Excellence accreditation in Specialized Anesthesia-Robotic Surgery. Samaritano’s physicians and staff, including Dr. Marcelo Louzada de Araujo, provide the highest quality care, guided by ethical human values.