Accreditation Overview

The Global Standard for Quality Surgical Care

SRC develops and administers best-in-class accreditation programs for surgeons, hospitals and freestanding outpatient facilities throughout the world. These programs are focused on improving the safety and quality of patient care, and lowering the overall costs associated with successful treatment. Data from program participants is being used to determine which treatments work best for which patients under which circumstances. This information enables clinicians, patients, payors and policymakers to make informed decisions that will improve healthcare at the individual level and for each specialty’s patient population as a whole.

When SRC develops an excellence accreditation program in a new specialty, we amend the requirements below to meet the needs of that specialty. SRC’s COE programs require that a surgeon apply in partnership with their facility. SRC’s MS programs allow a surgeon to achieve accreditation independently of their facility.

Center of Excellence (COE)
1. Institutional Commitment to Excellence
2. Surgical Experience
3. Designated Medical Director
4. Consultative Services
5. Equipment and Instruments
6. Surgeon Dedication and Qualified Call Coverage
7. Clinical Pathways and Standardized Operating Procedures
8. Surgical Team and Support Staff
9. Patient Education
10. Continuous Quality Assessment

Master Surgeon (MS)
1. Surgical Experience
2. Equipment and Instruments
3. Surgeon Dedication
4. Clinical Pathways and Standardized Operating Procedures
5. Surgical Team and Support Staff
6. Patient Education
7. Continuous Quality Assessment

Accreditation Is Not a Guarantee

While accreditation represents excellence, it does not guarantee perfection. As with any surgical procedure, there are associated risks and complications. For example, bariatric surgical care is particularly challenging because morbid obesity usually involves a myriad of other medical problems that need to be addressed. Additionally, patients must do their part by following their doctors’ orders to achieve desired outcomes.

Comments About a Patient Experience

Patients who would like to discuss their care experience are encouraged to contact their surgeon and/or hospital administration directly. Similarly, questions regarding your medical condition or course of treatment and care should be referred to your surgeon or other healthcare provider.

Insurance Coverage

SRC does not handle issues related to individual healthcare coverage. These questions should be directed to your healthcare provider, insurance company and/or human resources department.