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Nov 06

Minimally Invasive Gynecology Presentation at Virginia Hospital

November 9, 2017 – Dr. Kurian Thott of Stafford Hospital will present an overview of the Center of Excellence in MORE >

Sep 21

Center of Excellence in Neurosurgery & Orthopedic Surgery

Surgical Review Corporation visited Damman, Saudi Arabia in August for an on-site inspection of the Mouwasat Hospital. They achieved two MORE >

Jun 07

Congratulations to Longmont United Hospital

Congratulations to Longmont United Hospital along with Dr. Amy Johnson, Dr. Brian Nelson and Dr. Chris Webster in Longmont, Colorado MORE >

Featured Designee

“We received our Center of Excellence designation

… in July of 2012. What does this certification mean for us? I will tell you in one word: REVOLUTION.

Since receiving the Center of Excellence status, our annual number of surgeries has doubled, the incidence of serious surgical complications has decreased by a factor of three to four times and patient follow up attendance improved significantly, among several other positive developments. The constant improvement of our service processes and the focused commitment among our professional staff has enhanced our delivery of medical care and improved our patient outcomes.

Patients are not the only benefactors from SRC’s programs, as our professionals have grown personally and professionally, the Hospital has become a better institution and our team has strengthened, working together more cooperatively and fluently. The bariatric COEMBS initiative is our pilot program for healthcare quality in our hospital, becoming an innovative way for other specialties to improve services and care. This is more than an evolution for us, but rather a revolution! We are delighted to promote and participate in programs delivering such success!” -Bariatrics SurgeonBrazil