An integral component of SRC’s Cycle of Excellence is data. Accreditation means little without the power to improve and grow surgical specialties.

Data must be easily attainable by those who provide it. Users must own their data and determine who should have access. Data must be real-time in order to be of value.

SRC’s Databases offer these qualities to data participants. In addition, a number of services are offered to data participants, including:

  • Data validation through on-site assessment – The quality of data must be continually evaluated.
  • Custom dataset development – SRC’s Databases are flexible and modular. They can be adapted to user needs and specifications.
  • Outcomes monitoring and assessment – SRC works with data participants to assist them in understanding their outcomes and how they can improve.
  • Data availability – SRC’s data is made available to users for research and journal submissions.
  • Development of best clinical practices – Quality data, readily available to users should be used to improve patient care.
  • Clinical trials – Real-time access in a flexible, modular format is what makes SRC’s Database so unique. Trial sponsors have access to the best providers in the industry coupled with information on more than 600,000 patients spanning 11 years.
  • Database training and support – SRC provides full-time training and support services to users.
  • Quality improvement – SRC uses data to guide participants in efficacy, efficiency and safety. Patients deserve the best care, and no one benefits from poor outcomes.