Colorectal Surgery Care Specialist

The Colorectal Surgery Care Specialist (CSCS) accreditation is available to allied health professionals (including but not limited to nurses, nurse practitioners, medical doctors and physician assistants) who primarily treat colorectal surgery patients and have been nominated by an SRC site inspector or a surgeon accredited in colorectal surgery.

If you’re interested in accreditation, please complete the Accreditation Program Information Form or contact


Program Requirements

1. Ongoing Education

The program participant is committed to excellence in the care of patients who undergo colorectal surgery. The participant will complete periodic continuing medical education courses and training related to treating these patients.

2. Professional Experience

The participant spends a significant portion of their efforts treating patients who undergo colorectal surgery. At least one year of experience is required.

3. Professional Certification

The program participant must have appropriate licensure in their field of expertise.

4. Accredited Surgeon Endorsement

The participant is sponsored by a surgeon who performs surgery and maintains accreditation as Center of Excellence and/or Surgeon of Excellence in Colorectal Surgery. The endorsing surgeon does not have to be accredited by SRC.

5. Patient Education

The participant provides education for patients undergoing colorectal surgery. This education can be provided in addition to or in conjunction with the sponsoring surgeon or the patients’ other care providers.

Program Fees

Recurring Fees

Annual Fee: $275 USD
Renewal Site Inspection: $50 USD (every three years, waived if applicant is reviewed during COE/SOE inspection)

  • Annual participation fees are billed one year after applicants pay their first year’s annual fee and each year thereafter.
  • Renewal inspections will occur every three years after the initial site inspection.

Fees are subject to change without notice and are not refundable. Payment of required fees does not guarantee accreditation.