Single-Specialty Accreditations

SRC’s legacy is in single-specialty accreditation programs. These programs are ideal for hospitals and surgeons that want to improve the quality of care or highlight the achievement of a single service line. Single-specialty programs implement SRC’s program requirements on a specialty-specific level; improving outcomes, increasing efficiencies and training for specialized patient care teams and decreases costs related to a particular service line.

For hospitals wanting to develop a new specialty or improve the quality of care for an existing specialty, single-specialty accreditations can assist them in setting standards that permeate the perioperative care team to ensure optimal patient satisfaction and care.

Designees in all programs will experience the benefits of an SRC Accreditation. Designees may choose whether they want to experience benefits across all surgical programs
(multi-specialty accreditations) or if they want to focus solely on one surgical specialty (single-specialty accreditations). Some hospitals and surgeons will choose to achieve both single-specialty and multi-specialty accreditations through SRC’s Center of Excellence (hospital+surgeon) and/or Master Surgeon (surgeon-only) accreditation models.

If you’re interested in accreditation, please complete the Accreditation Program Information Form or contact