Accreditation Process

  1. Register and Create Accounts
  2. Accept Terms and Conditions & Pay Fees
  3. Reach Provisional Status
  4. Achieve Accreditation
  5. Maintain Accreditation

1. Register and Create Accounts

The first step of the accreditation process is to register online to create a username and password that will be used to log into the Account Management System. Once registration has been completed, registrants create accounts for the facility, practice and co-applicant surgeons. To utilize SRC’s Expedited Registration and Account Creation form, please click here.

2. Accept Terms and Conditions & Pay Fees

Applicants must accept the Accreditation Terms and Conditions and pay the application and site inspection fees associated with the facility and/or surgeon accounts. Invoices are located under the “Invoice and Payment” tab within the facility and surgeon accounts.

Methods of Payment

Payments must include the name of the surgeon or facility, their SRC account number, the applicable invoice number and paid in US dollars.

Credit Card:

Payments can be made online, by fax or by phone. To submit an online payment, sign into your account, select the Invoice and Payment tab, then click the Pay Now button and follow the prompts. To submit a fax payment, fill out the credit card authorization form in the invoice and fax it to 919.882.8527. Or you may call our support line 919.981.4460 to pay by phone.


Funds must be drawn from a US account. Fees paid by check should be mailed to:

Surgical Review Corporation
Attn: Accounting
Post Office Box 18136
Raleigh, NC 27619

Wire transfer:

Notify SRC of the transfer using a bank wire transfer form, which can be obtained by contacting SRC Support. A $50 fee is charged for each wire transfer.

Fax or email completed forms to SRC Support at 1.919.981.4460 or

Fees are subject to change without notice and are not refundable. Payment of required fees does not guarantee that you will achieve designation.

3. Reach Provisional Status

Once the application fee is paid and the Terms and Conditions have been accepted, the applicant reaches Provisional Status, the first major milestone in the accreditation process. Provisional applicants may begin entering data into the outcomes database. One year after the surgeon/facility is approved for Provisional Status (and each year thereafter), they will receive an invoice for their annual participation fee.

4. Achieve Accreditation

Once Provisional Status is reached, applicants will be sent their Site Inspection Preparation Materials packet. These materials outline everything an applicant must do to prepare for their virtual (Master Surgeon program) or on-site (Center of Excellence program) inspection. SRC’s inspectors are available to answer questions from applicants preparing for their inspection.

Site Inspection

The initial site inspection invoice must be paid before the site inspection can be scheduled. Additional charges will be invoiced for on-site inspections outside of the United States and for inspections requiring more than one day to complete.

For on-site inspections, the applicant is responsible for arranging and paying for the site inspector’s hotel, ground transportation and, if needed, an interpreter/translator. These items are not included in the standard site inspection fee.

Applicants will prepare for their virtual or on-site inspection, and then notify SRC that they are prepared for their inspection. The purpose of the site inspection process is to verify compliance with program requirements and prepare the Site Inspection Report.

Site Inspection Report Review

When a facility and co-applicant surgeons are both approved by the reviewers, SRC will notify the applicants they have earned accreditation. If a candidate is not approved, they are given the opportunity to correct any deficiencies and be reconsidered for accreditation.

5. Maintain Accreditation

Accreditation remains in place as long as a center is in good standing and in verifiable compliance with all current requirements and other program criteria. To verify compliance, designees are evaluated annually, and a site inspection is performed every three years. Designees should periodically refer to the requirements section for updated requirements and amendments.

SRC’s Team is available to assist designees in any capacity while they are accredited.