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Surgeon of Excellence Program

The Surgeon of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery™ (SOEMBS™) program offers leading surgeons around the world the opportunity to earn an individual certification without requiring that they partner with a hospital. The SOEMBS program is ideal for surgeons who:

  • Perform surgeries at multiple hospitals
  • Desire an individual designation separate from or in addition to their hospital’s designation
  • Want to earn certification now, but their hospital is not ready to move forward

The SOEMBS program has two distinct differences from the Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (COEMBS) program:

  • Designees will receive a unique seal and certificate that they can use to promote their Surgeon of Excellence status. Designees will also have access to the BOLD™ outcomes database, the largest repository of bariatric surgery patient data in the world.There is no hospital co-certification requirement. The hospital is not required to pay program fees or meet the COEMBS requirements. However, the hospital must be willing to participate in the inspection (whether virtual or on-site) that is conducted to verify the surgeon’s compliance with the SOEMBS requirements.
  • Surgeons must perform at least 100 qualifying bariatric surgery procedures each year.Are you eligible for designation?

The SOEMBS program is an excellent way for patients to identify world-class bariatric surgeons who hold themselves to a higher standard.


The SOEMBS program offers all of the benefits of participating in the COEMBS program, plus:

  • Distinction: Patients will identify you as a world-class surgeon. A Surgeon of Excellence is one of the elite – one who adheres to higher standards.
  • Portability: Ideal for surgeons with privileges at multiple hospitals, the Surgeon of Excellence designation allows you to market your achievement at each of your hospitals.


A commitment to long-term patient care and success necessitates that the requirements for SOEMBS designation be comprehensive, research-based and verified through a rigorous site inspection.

The 7 requirements for SOEMBS designation are as follows:

  1. Surgical Volume and Outcomes
  2. Appropriate Equipment and Instruments
  3. Dedication and Qualified Call Coverage
  4. Clinical Pathways and Standardized Operating Procedures
  5. Bariatric Nurses and/or Physician Extenders
  6. Patient Support Groups
  7. Long-Term Patient Follow-Up and Outcomes Data

The surgeon must also affirm that at least one facility where he or she performs bariatric surgery is willing to participate in a site inspection. Surgeon applicants are responsible for facilitating and arranging the site inspection and payment of all program-related fees.

When it comes to designating Surgeons of Excellence for bariatric surgery around the world, one size does not fit all. SRC recognizes that each world region is unique and makes accommodations as appropriate. Please contact SRC Support if you have questions regarding whether you meet the SOEMBS requirements.


  • Annual Participation Fee: $2,000 (includes use of the BOLD database)
  • Site Inspection Fee: $925 (virtual inspection; surcharges may apply)
    • If the virtual inspection concludes that an on-site inspection is required, an on-site inspection fee will be charged