New Multi-Specialty Accreditation

Accreditation organizations have historically offered a one-size-fits all model for hospitals and physicians. From 13 years of experience, SRC knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to program improvement, data collection and accreditation.

SRC was the first organization to offer two accreditation options – Center of Excellence accreditation achieved by a hospital plus their co-applicant surgeon(s) and Surgeon of Excellence accreditation achieved by an individual surgeon, without a co-applicant hospital.

To expand our custom approach to accreditation, address a changing healthcare environment and improve efficiencies across service lines, SRC now offers multi-specialty accreditation programs. These programs are designed to improve minimally invasive surgery departments and effectively spotlight highly-skilled surgeons across a broad spectrum of surgical specialties.

Accreditation is not one size fits all. Click here to learn more about SRC’s multi-specialty and single-specialty accreditation programs.

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