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Locate a Center of Excellence or Surgeon of Excellence

SRC administers Center of Excellence (COE) and Surgeon of Excellence (SOE) programs throughout the world that recognize surgeons and healthcare facilities that provide safe, high-quality surgical care. These programs are either managed on behalf of professional surgical societies or endorsed by a specialty’s medical association. The COE and SOE programs promote universal care quality, regardless of the type of surgery or where patients have their procedures performed.

With the abundance of health-related topics in the mainstream news and an increased number of patient websites, consumers – and physicians – are seeking ways to distinguish healthcare providers who deliver high-quality care from those who do not. Patients increasingly recognize the importance of the COE and SOE designations and use them as a guide when selecting where to have surgical procedures.

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery: Centers of Excellence (hospital + surgeon certification)

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery: Surgeons of Excellence (surgeon-only certification)

Minimally Invasive Gynecology