Uniontown Hospital

SRC recognizes Uniontown Hospital of Uniontown, PA for demonstrating their commitment to sustaining a culture of excellence as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology.

“After our initial designation, we saw an immediate interest from patients and other staff. The COEMIG designation prompted non-COEMIG surgeons to be proctored and significantly reduced the number of open hysterectomies and referrals to outside hospitals. It reduced our open hysterectomy rate to less than 2% while reducing complications and allowed for development of ERAS/same day hysterectomy implementation. The process was very detailed. With excellent organization by our team, the process ran very smoothly. It gave credence to members of our staff to our minimally invasive gynecology approach to taking care of patients.”

-Dr. John A. Sunyecz, Gynecological Surgeon

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