SRC’s Accreditation programs have proven effective in improving outcomes, reducing costs and increasing surgical volumes. These results translate into a significant increase in service line profitability and patient satisfaction.

In order for an Excellence program to become successful and sustain its excellence, it must adopt a “culture of excellence” mentality. Surgeons receive training, but often times their staff receive little or no training.

SRC’s education program assures that surgeons will be supported by a complement of well-trained staff dedicated to maintaining a culture of excellence. Once established the culture will yield the following benefits and return on investment many times more than the cost of course tuition:

  • Increased multidisciplinary surgical team efficiency – A trained and more efficient team can increase operating room (OR) output without impacting quality and safety. Increased OR utilization saves money and increases revenues.
  • Decreased re-admissions and re-operations – Improving surgical safety and quality in tandem with pre/post surgical care decreases re-admission and re-operation rates. This results in lower length of stays, ICU stays and improved facility-bed utilization.
  • Improved marketing strategy – Understanding and implementing targeted marketing strategies and promotional tactics can increase consumer and referring physician awareness. Consumers want the best surgeons in their market and referring physicians want to refer their patients to the best surgeons in the market.
  • Increase in patient volumes – Multidisciplinary teams effectively implementing COE requirements and procedures will experience an increase in patient volumes.
  • Increased research and publishing opportunities – Research organizations want to collaborate with the best providers to ensure consistency, reputation and acceptance. Effective Excellence implementation enhances opportunities to lead and partner with others in research.

SRC provides participants in its Education Program valuable information gained from several thousand site inspections and from data submitted by the top programs throughout the world. We’ve seen the best clinical pathways, the most effective support groups, learned optimal approaches for increasing volumes and patient referrals as well as understanding what it takes for those who percieve that they are excellent to improve.