Bariatric Network of Excellence

The Bariatric Network of Excellence accreditation is awarded to multi-hospital systems that have achieved the Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery accreditation. Collectively, these hospitals have implemented system-wide pathways and procedures to ensure that excellent care is uniform irrespective of where patients choose to have their bariatric surgery performed.

If you’re interested in accreditation, please complete the Accreditation Program Information Form or contact


Program Requirements

1. Institutional Commitment to Excellence

Applicant hospitals and participating surgeons must all be COEMBS or MSMBS designees.

A network must have at least three participating hospitals within the same hospital system to qualify for the Bariatric Surgery Network of Excellence and must be located within a 100 mile radius.

Facilities must maintain consistency across COEMBS requirements 1, 4-10 in all participating facilities.

2. Surgical Experience

Network facilities and surgeons must meet or exceed COEMBS volume and outcomes criteria.

If a facility applies and is approved for a volume waiver, only MSMBS surgeons may perform procedures at those facilities.

3. Physician Program Directors

There must be one Network Physician Program Director for bariatric surgery and each participating facility must have an individual Physician Program Director. The Network Physician Program Director and individual Physician Program Director may be the same person at one facility.

Meetings with all Directors must be held regularly, at a minimum quarterly.

4. Consultative Services

The network is encouraged to include at least one facility to treat the following High Risk patients:

  • Pediatric & Adolescent patients
  • Left Ventricular Assist Device/Heart Failure Bridge to transplant
  • Kidney/Pancreas Failure Bridge to transplant
  • >60 BMI
  • >70 years old
  • Revisional bariatric procedures

5. Surgical Team and Support Staff

The Network must have one Network Bariatric Program Coordinator and each participating facility must have individual Bariatric Program Coordinators.

Meetings with all Coordinators should be held regularly, at a minimum quarterly.

Network Fees


  • Standard fees for COEMBS and MSMBS accreditation
  • Site inspection fees may be discounted if site inspections are held during the same trip

Fees are subject to change without notice and are not refundable. Payment of required fees does not guarantee that you will achieve designation.