Multispecialty Accreditation

SRC is the first credentialing organization to offer multispecialty “umbrella” accreditation options. These programs are ideal for hospitals that want to improve or showcase their complete surgical program, rather than just one service line. Multispecialty accreditation transcends surgical specialties and improves the quality of care for surgery departments versus just surgeons and teams within a single surgical specialty. It recognizes a surgeon’s overall expertise, not specialty-specific expertise.

Marketing teams embrace the idea of multispecialty accreditation because hospitals and surgeons can be marketed across a number of specialties. From proper marketing alone, SRC’s designees can experience a return on investment faster than most other initiatives.

Designees in all programs will experience the benefits of SRC Accreditation. Designees may choose whether they want to experience benefits across all surgical program
(multispecialty accreditation) or if they want to focus solely on one surgical specialty (single-specialty accreditation). Some hospitals and surgeons will choose to achieve both single-specialty and multi-specialty accreditations through SRC’s Center of Excellence (hospital+surgeon) and/or Master Surgeon (surgeon-only) accreditation mode

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