Communicating Accreditation, Recognizing Excellence

An SRC accreditation is of little value unless designees properly market their accomplishments. Another benefit of accreditation is CARE™, a revolutionary service that provides designees with products that give them an edge over competitors, assures patients of their commitment to excellence and attracts prospective patients to increase caseload volumes. CARE offers SRC designees similar services to those of a public relations and advertising agency at no additional cost.

CARE connects SRC-accredited hospitals and surgeons to a wealth of hands-on support and marketing materials to help drive success. CARE is a multi-faceted, customer service-based program and portal that offers a wide array of products, tools and services that helps designees leverage the following benefits:

  • Increase patient awareness and volumes
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Create a marketing and brand advantage
  • Professional recognition and distinction
  • Increase physician referrals
  • Sustain a culture of excellence