Most would not consider a site inspection a benefit but a dreaded ordeal, both time consuming and worrisome. An SRC site inspection has been regarded by nearly all designees as an important benefit to their specialty.

Hospitals and surgeons often need assistance in developing and maintaining a culture of excellence. That’s why the most significant advantage SRC has over other accreditation organizations is the site inspection process.

Site inspectors are full-time employees of SRC. They are dedicated to helping hospitals and surgeons succeed in patient safety. SRC’s site inspections are not pass/fail. Certificates are not simply handed out to any and all applicants. Although rigorous and thorough, each individual inspection is a meaningful experience and is as consultative as it is evaluative. SRC inspectors routinely provide sites with useful recommendations gained from inspecting thousands of the best centers worldwide.

The transformative process of establishing a culture of excellence starts with an SRC site inspection. For testimonials on an SRC site inspection process and overall experience, click here.