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COEMBS Overview

The Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery™ (COEMBS™) program is a global patient safety and quality improvement program available to all bariatric surgeons and facilities around the world. The COEMBS program also offers the first surgeon-only certification option, which is ideal for surgeons who perform surgeries at multiple hospitals.

The COEMBS program reflects the specific needs of obese patients and the unique roles and responsibilities of bariatric and metabolic surgery providers.

Certifications Awarded to Facilities and Surgeons

Are you eligible for designation?Truly excellent patient care is the result of both the individual surgeon and the facility where the surgery is performed. The COEMBS designation is therefore awarded to a facility and its associated surgeons who have successfully completed the designation process, which enables patients to distinguish providers who have met the requirements for delivering high-quality perioperative and long-term follow-up care from those who have not.

Comprehensive Requirements

SRC has worked with the world’s leading bariatric and metabolic societies and other stakeholders to develop objective requirements and evaluation processes. A commitment to long-term patient care and success necessitates that the requirements for COEMBS designation be comprehensive, research-based and verified through a rigorous site inspection.

The 10 requirements for COEMBS certification, which have been recognized for their universal applicability, are as follows:

  1. Institutional Commitment to Excellence
  2. Surgical Volume and Outcomes
  3. Designated Medical Director
  4. Consultative Services
  5. Appropriate Equipment and Instruments
  6. Surgeon Dedication and Qualified Call Coverage
  7. Clinical Pathways and Standardized Operating Procedures
  8. Bariatric Nurses, Physician Extenders and Program Coordinator
  9. Patient Support Groups
  10. Long-Term Patient Follow-Up and Outcomes Data

However, when it comes to designating Centers of Excellence for bariatric surgery around the world, one size does not fit all. SRC recognizes that each world region is unique and makes accommodations as appropriate. Please contact SRC Support if you have questions regarding whether your facility meets the COEMBS requirements.

BOLD™ Outcomes Database

SRC created the BOLD outcomes database to help ensure ongoing compliance with the Center of Excellence programs it administers and develop general knowledge about optimal bariatric surgery practices. Established in 2007, BOLD is now the world’s largest repository of clinical bariatric surgery patient information, with more than 500,000 patients currently in the database.

Compared to other clinical registries, BOLD is distinct in that data is collected during each patient encounter and can be accessed in real-time. BOLD is also uniquely focused on patient care, weight loss and comorbidity resolution over the long term, not just on 30-day surgical outcomes.

Surgeons who participate in BOLD own their data and have access to numerous daily reports that contain detailed information about their surgical practice. Learn more about the database, its benefits and how to access information for research in the BOLD section.

How to Apply

Getting started with the COEMBS designation process is quick and easy. Click here to begin.

Key Program Features and Benefits

Surgeon of Excellence Program
Surgeon-only designation option
Participants have two program options – the traditional hospital/surgeon COEMBS program, and a stand-alone surgeon-centric program. SRC understands and supports the surgeon-patient relationship through the SOEMBS program option.
Review Process Firewall
Ensuring confidentiality
As an independent organization, SRC serves as the firewall between your program and others. No surgeon-specific data will ever be released to a third party without your express consent. Confidentiality is paramount in all facets of our programs – from the application to patient data in BOLD.
Comprehensive Marketing Program
Leverage the full measure of your designation to patients and providers in your community
SRC recognizes the need to increase bariatric surgery volumes and will promote designees through national and regional public relations activities and marketing campaigns. You will also receive graphics, key messages and marketing guidelines that you may use to support your own marketing initiatives. SRC’s experienced marketing and communications team will help you develop strategies to best leverage and position your commitment to excellence.
ACO Alignment
Supports data collection requirements for participation in and implementation of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) submissions
The BOLD outcomes database is designed to track patient safety and surgical quality over the entire span of patient interaction.
CMS and Private Insurers
National Coverage Determination (NCD) and reimbursement
Historically, SRC has enjoyed a very positive relationship with health insurers and anticipates no barriers in gaining their support once our programs are launched. Payers recognize the merits of SRC as an independent patient safety organization. Note: ANY new program and any substantive changes to existing programs will require payer ratification.
Virtual Site Inspections
Process designed to conduct and complete site inspections via online case review and digital video
For providers and hospitals meeting certain criteria, SRC can perform site inspections virtually. Virtual inspections minimize participant time and resources while maintaining the integrity of the review process and lowering the cost of the inspection.
Annual cost of program participation
Facility: $3,975
Surgeon: $650

Surgeon: $2,000

Surgeon Participating in COE and SOE Programs
Surgeon: $2,000 ($650 surgeon fee waived for COE program)

BOLD License
FREE – included in COE/SOE program participation
No additional or dedicated staff required to use BOLD
Outcomes Database
Responsive and tested patient database
SRC’s BOLD database serves as the foundation for the Excellence programs we offer. BOLD was developed by bariatric surgeons for bariatric surgeons. Through BOLD, surgeons gain real-time access to individual patient information that supports clinical decisions. Providers can also obtain meaningful data through numerous daily reports that are based on information from the surgeon’s individual practice. National summary reports enable participants to compare their individual outcomes to aggregate data and assess their approach to care.
Data Ownership and Privacy
Ability to control who has access to your patient and surgical performance data
SRC believes that you own your patient and outcomes data. While information from BOLD will be readily available to surgeons participating in the COEMBS and SOEMBS programs, surgeon-specific data will not be disclosed without the surgeon’s consent.
Data Access and Entry Flexibility BOLD access and data entry is not restricted to a single user. This ensures that all of your care providers can get the patient information they need when they need it, and data entry can be performed by anyone at any time. BOLD is designed to work with your program rather than change the way it operates. No additional or dedicated staff is required to use the BOLD database.
Third-Party Database Integration
BOLD interfaces with patient and practice management systems
BOLD is designed to interface with EMR applications, and SRC’s development team will help ensure that you minimize duplicate data entry.