“I have enjoyed working in the bariatric surgery field

…since the late 90s, and our group was a pioneer in performing bariatric surgery in Southern Brazil. Our practice has always sought to be fully informed and up to date with the latest surgery techniques and certifications and has worked to create an optimally qualified staff. We performed one of the first gastric bypass surgery by laparoscopy in May 2001. In 2011, we began SRC’s Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery, and at that time, the hospital started an internal qualification process to become a Center of Excellence.”

-Bariatric Surgeon, Brazil

“Achieving the COEMIG designation validates our dedication

…to caring for our patients with advanced practices, and it reinforces our role as a national and international leader in innovative healthcare for women. The designation process compelled us to formalize our clinical pathways and provide ongoing surgeon and staff education, which continues to enhance our drive toward optimal clinical outcomes. Our surgeons who are not yet designated recognize the value and are actively pursuing it. Through the COEMIG program, we are leading minimally invasive gynecological surgery at our hospital to new levels of excellence.”

-Gynecological Surgeon, Florida

“I wanted to say thank you

…for SRC’s ability to put us at ease during our COEMIG site visit. The site inspector had a wonderfully calming way about her. We appreciate assistance in preparing for the survey and the understanding of our special circumstances with our system outages. The entire team is so very excited about this next part of our journey. I wish SRC well with the growth of the program and hope we can see them again in 3 years.”

“We have experienced an increase in volume

…in MIG surgery since the Seal and title was added to our website. We get many calls for referrals to COEMIG doctors as well. This was a good thing since some of our gynecologists have taken off some time to have babies. Some gynecologists have joined our staff because of our mentoring program. They want to learn to be better MIG surgeons and plan to pursue COE gynecologist status as soon as appropriate.”

“Thank you for your professional help and guidance

…on our COEMIG site inspection. SRC’s patience and understanding of our efforts was much appreciated. We are very excited to move forward and become certified as a Center of Excellence so we can collaborate our data with the rest of the world. It is an exciting time for data in health care and we need to make sure our data collection efforts are meaningful to us and our patients.”