“Teresa [SRC’s site inspector] was wonderful to work with

…Her support team, including Vicki Poor [SRC’s program support manager], were extremely helpful during the preparation process. They were quick to respond to questions and easy to talk to. It was obvious Teresa and her team were here to support us and wanted us to succeed. Teresa’s approach during the inspection was from a place of education and support, not critical, but encouraging. She was able to provide us with insight on how to improve our program and continue pushing forward towards the goal of excellent patient care. During our inspection, Teresa encouraged us to prepare for a Robotic certification. She even took the time to create an excel spread sheet highlighting parts of the COERS certification we have already met and what gaps we have to prepare for. It was great to have the instant feedback at the summation meeting at the end of the day. Teresa reviewed all the required elements and noted what we had achieved. The turnaround time was only a couple days and we received notification of our official certification. As a bonus, just a few days later we were already on the SRC website newsfeed! Overall great experience. We look forward to working with Teresa and her SRC team again.”

-Nurse, California

“We continue to grow and develop our minimally invasive gynecologic surgery department

…With the addition of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) we are working closely with our colleagues in colorectal surgery and general surgery to reduce variation and increase consistency throughout the perioperative process. We intentionally do not select out specific surgeons as certified or not, and using this as a unifying platform for the entire campus. We have developed a pelvic health clinic for gynecologists as well as primary care providers can get consultation for consideration of advanced minimally invasive gynecologic surgical interventions.”

-Master Surgeon in MIG,  Kentucky

“The process of COEMIG certification was relatively easy

…All surgeons are working hard to improve quality and record keeping to meet our payor standards, and the COEMIG database is a great way to meet some of those goals.  The changes in the database have made it more “user friendly” since our initial certification. We have made improvements and changes based on our SRC review that have helped to streamline care and improve our service line. The process of the review further strengthened our minimally invasive team by helping to re-align our goals and strategies for optimizing gynecologic services and all-around women’s’ health perioperative care”.

-Master Surgeon in MIG, Kentucky

“Our ability to advance healthcare relies on intentional effort

…and structure surrounding service line strategies. Our hospital’s pursuit of a center of excellence with SRC has been an exceptional experience. From the accreditation process to the onsite input and validation we received, all aspects were extremely positive. The collaborative approach and genuine desire to advance healthcare in our community was evident. Thank you to the team at SRC for an elite experience.”

-Hospital CEO, Ohio

“SRC was extremely helpful

…and wanted us to succeed. The information they provided was step by step and Vickie and Colleen [SRC’s program, support managers] were there for us if we had any question. Questions were always answered in a timely manner. Everyone was very personable and Dr. Hutcher, the site inspector, was extremely thorough and offered some great tips to further our success.”

-Clinical Coordinator, Ohio