“First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to SRC for visiting Johns Hopkins Aramco Health Care (JHAH).

…Both myself and our bariatric team found the whole experience invaluable. Throughout the whole journey of preparing for the visit, I had the opportunity to identify our strengths as well as our weaknesses. As we prepared to meet the 9 requirements for the Center of Excellence Accreditation we were able to look closely at our processes, our team structure and where improvement was needed to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. Your recommendations during the visits has allowed me to map out the future directions of the program.”

Bariatric Surgeon, Saudi Arabia

Surgical Review Corporation’s (SRC) accreditation programs provide a full and complete certification process

…a transformative process with amazing support to improve safety and efficacy, decrease complications, improve outcomes and patients satisfaction, it really improves your own clinical pathways along with quality and safety processes for your patients. And it also provide tools to really follow up and be part of the big data outcomes with bariatric surgery.

-Bariatric Nurse, Saudi Arabia

“Dr. Hutcher provided us with such a wealth of knowledge regarding the history and progression of bariatric surgery.

…His experiences were so interesting, but more importantly highlighted the importance of ethical entrepreneurship and excellence of care that is imperative to growing and maintaining a successful program. His suggestions were greatly appreciated and will help us to improve the patient experience and long term outcomes.”

-Bariatric Care Specialist, New Jersey

“It has been an amazing experience with SRC from our very first phone call

…This year we decided to become an accredited Center of Excellence in Robotics, in addition to Bariatrics. For this reason we moved our accreditation from the MSAQIP to SRC so we could keep both practices in one organization. We had a lot of questions and were always greeted with someone who seemed happy to help us in any way they could. We were never made to feel like we were asking a “stupid question”. They guided us every step of the way, and made it clear that they wanted us to succeed. Our Inspector, Teresa Leath along with Teri Burd and Victoria Giambattista were the ones who came to our facility for the inspection. They were professional and made us feel at ease from the very beginning. They provided us with great ideas for how we can make our program even better, while remaining positive throughout the entire two day inspection. They were thorough with both the documentation review and facility tour which included interviews with staff members in all different departments. We look forward to our long standing relationship with SRC, and know we can look to them for any guidance we may need moving forward.”

-Bariatric Assistant Director, Florida

“After our initial designation, we saw an immediate interest from patients and other staff.

…The COEMIG designation prompted non-COEMIG surgeons to be proctored and significantly reduced the number of open hysterectomies and referrals to outside hospitals. It reduced our open hysterectomy rate to less than 2% while reducing complications and allowed for development of ERAS/same day hysterectomy implementation. The process was very detailed. With excellent organization by our team, the process ran very smoothly. It gave credence to members of our staff to our minimally invasive gynecology approach to taking care of patients.”

-COEMIG Surgeon, Pennsylvania