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BOLD Overview

SRC developed BOLD™, a proprietary longitudinal outcomes database, to help ensure ongoing compliance with the COE programs it administers and develop general knowledge about optimal practices in surgical care.

In 2007, the organization’s first clinical database was created for the bariatric and metabolic surgery specialty. Today, the BOLD bariatric database is the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of clinical bariatric surgery patient information, with data from more than 500,000 patients. Learn more about the history of BOLD.

Each specialty’s database provides participating surgeons with real-time access to individual patient information that supports clinical decisions. Providers can also obtain meaningful data through numerous daily reports that are based on information from the surgeon’s individual practice. National summary reports enable participants to compare their individual outcomes to aggregate data and assess their approach to care.

When combined with SRC’s network of designated COE surgeons and the database’s patient registry capabilities, BOLD offers researchers an unmatched infrastructure for clinical studies. SRC works with investigators to design studies focused on a specific question and/or facilitate multi-arm studies incorporating BOLD’s modular design.

Ultimately, BOLD will be most beneficial to surgery patients, as healthcare providers will use its data to determine the most effective procedures and most appropriate care for each patient. Over time, aggregate data could also prove pivotal in a specialty’s payor advocacy efforts.

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