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Minimally Invasive Gynecology Presentation at Virginia Hospital

Dr. Kurian Thott of Stafford Hospital presented an overview of the Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology accreditation and the importance of accreditation and continued education. SRC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Neil Hutcher was in attendance to speak about the program. SRC is proud to have Stafford Hospital and Dr. Kurian Thott as accredited COEMIG participants since April of 2014. Congratulations to Dr. Thott, Stafford Hospital and all the dedicated staff who continue to make their Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery department a success.

Site inspector, Dr. Neil Hutcher with Dr. Kurian Thott

Mouwasat Hospital

Congratulations to Mouwasat Hospital in Damman, Saudi Arabia. They achieved two separate accreditations as a Center of Excellence in Neurosurgery and a Center of Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Sherif Almekawi was also accredited as a Master Surgeon in Neurosurgery and Dr. Tarek Abed Al Fatah as a Master Surgeon in Orthopedic Surgery.

Site inspector, Teresa Leath, awards the COENS and MSNS accreditations to Dr. Sherif Almekawi and the Neurosurgical team.

She, then, awards the COEOS and MSOS accreditations to Dr. Tarek Abed Al Fatah and the Orthopedic team.

“SRC was extremely helpful

…and wanted us to succeed. The information they provided was step by step and Vickie and Colleen [SRC’s program, support managers] were there for us if we had any question. Questions were always answered in a timely manner. Everyone was very personable and Dr. Hutcher, the site inspector, was extremely thorough and offered some great tips to further our success.”

-Clinical Coordinator, Ohio