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New & Renewal Designees

SRC would like to congratulate our 67 newest designees. They join SRC’s global network of providers committed to excellent care, safety and optimal patient outcomes.

More than 60 designees demonstrated their commitment to sustaining a culture of excellence by renewing their accreditation.

Click here to view all of our new and renewal designees.

Virtual Renewal Inspections

SRC now offers renewing designees a virtual inspection alternative in lieu of the traditional onsite inspection for those that qualify.

Virtual inspections consist of telephonic staff interviews, updating requirement compliance documents and a medical chart review. Inspection documentation is mailed or emailed to SRC using a secure platform.

The virtual inspection process offers renewing designees numerous benefits, including an expedited review and a significant savings of onsite inspection-related fees and expenses. Onsite renewal inspections are still available for those preferring this method of evaluation.

Click here to learn more about SRC’s new virtual renewal inspection offering.

New Database Features

The benefits of being an SRC Outcomes Database user just got better.

The database now has the ability to handle mass data imports from EMRs and has a site inspection resource tool to expedite the site inspection preparation process.

These two new features, along with numerous other quality improvement benefits, are what led SRC’s Outcomes Database to become the largest multispecialty database in the world.

To learn more, click here or contact SRC Database Support.

New Multi-Specialty Accreditation

Accreditation organizations have historically offered a one-size-fits all model for hospitals and physicians. From 13 years of experience, SRC knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to program improvement, data collection and accreditation.

SRC was the first organization to offer two accreditation options – Center of Excellence accreditation achieved by a hospital plus their co-applicant surgeon(s) and Surgeon of Excellence accreditation achieved by an individual surgeon, without a co-applicant hospital.

To expand our custom approach to accreditation, address a changing healthcare environment and improve efficiencies across service lines, SRC now offers multi-specialty accreditation programs. These programs are designed to improve minimally invasive surgery departments and effectively spotlight highly-skilled surgeons across a broad spectrum of surgical specialties.

Accreditation is not one size fits all. Click here to learn more about SRC’s multi-specialty and single-specialty accreditation programs.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Accreditation

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) covers a broad range of specialties and procedures. SRC believes that surgeons and hospitals that excel in MIS procedures should be recognized for their dedication to optimal patient care.

SRC now offers two accreditation options for MIS providers – a facility-based accreditation (COEMIS) as well as a surgeon-only accreditation (SOEMIS). Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Surgery (COEMIS) accreditation is comprised of a hospital or surgery center plus at least one co-applicant surgeon. MIS surgeons from multiple service lines are encouraged to apply with their facility. Surgeon of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Surgery (SOEMIS) accreditation is for surgeons who prefer to apply without a hospital co-applicant or who want a transferrable accreditation because they practice at multiple hospitals.

New Programs and Designees

Congratulations to the 134 new designees who recently achieved SRC Accreditation.

In addition to this prestigious group, 62 surgeons and hospitals renewed their accreditation.

SRC has over 720 hospitals, surgeons and care specialist designees worldwide. These designees make up SRC’s global network of providers committed to excellent care, safety and optimal patient outcomes.

14 Bariatric Care Specialists Certified

In the first few months of the program, SRC certified 14 Bariatric Care Specialists. The Bariatric Care Specialist program is offered to allied health providers who provide excellent care to bariatric surgery patients. We congratulate them on their momentous accomplishment!

First Center of Excellence in Colorectal Surgery

Liv Hospital located in Istanbul, Turkey and Oktar Osaglu, MD are the first to achieve SRC’s Center of Excellence in Colorectal Surgery accreditation worldwide. Liv Hospital is also the first hospital to achieve three SRC accreditations at one time – Center of Excellence in Colorectal Surgery, Robotic Surgery and Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery accreditations.

To view SRC’s new and renewal designees, click here.

Hospital Regina

Center of Excellence Metabolic & Bariatric SurgeryWe received our Center of Excellence designation in July of 2012. What does this certification mean for us? I will tell you in one word: REVOLUTION.

Since receiving the Center of Excellence status, our annual number of surgeries has doubled, the incidence of serious surgical complications has decreased by a factor of three to four times and patient follow up attendance improved significantly, among several other positive developments. The constant improvement of our service processes and the focused commitment among our professional staff has enhanced our delivery of medical care and improved our patient outcomes.

Patients are not the only benefactors from SRC’s programs, as our professionals have grown personally and professionally, the Hospital has becomes a better institution and our team has strengthened, working together more cooperatively and fluently. The bariatric COEMBS initiative is our pilot program for healthcare quality in our hospital, becoming an innovative way for other specialties to improve services and care. This is more than an evolution for us, but rather a revolution! We are delighted to promote and participate in programs delivering such success!

Dr. Carlos Dillenburg
Hospital Regina
Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Dr. Alper Celik

Surgeon of Excellence Metabolic & Bariatric SurgeryToday, Metabolic Syndrome and its most important components, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes have reached pandemic proportions which made people aware that present treatment options were not sufficient. That is why alternative options were sought and Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery came out as the answer.

Of course, it is hard to claim that Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery is the perfect solution, but it is the most effective treatment we have at the moment. It is an ever evolving field, new procedures, publications coming out every day and its demand, along with its popularity, increases as well. And where is demand, there is supply. This led to an increase in the number of people and clinics/centers/hospitals which offer services in this field. It might be easier for people who work in the field of metabolic and bariatric surgery to differentiate the procedures from each other, understand and interpret their outcomes, and but can the same be said for common people? It might be known to professionals that which centers/doctors offer high quality healthcare services, but what about the patients? Also, for clinics and doctors in this field, how can they improve their outcomes? What mortality rate is acceptable and what should be accepted as excellent? What can be done to improve the performance of clinical personnel, how should their training be organized, how to organize a clinical pathway? Do we have to repeat the mistakes of our predecessors until we can find the right answer?

The answer to this question is of course; ‘’NO’’. There are standards laid for us, standards that have been founded on facts, tested again and again in time and evolved with experience. And this is where accreditation programs come in.

Accreditation programs, which are administered by independent, international institutions around the world are shaped by these standards. Program participants which can fulfill these standards earn recognition as Center/Surgeon of Excellence both among the public and patients, payers (government and insurance companies) and scientific community. Which means everyone wins, so to speak. Of course there are many different aspects of this process, but what I can tell of is our own experience.

During the process, the most remarkable thing I observed was that the program brought the entire team together. In-service trainings, weekly pre-op patient discussions and multi-disciplinary meetings made everyone realize that each one of them is a crucial part of the team. Every one came to know what other people do, learn from their experience, understand their difficulties. This strengthened their respect toward each other and feel that they are an integral part of a bigger group. Not only that, but regular multidisciplinary meetings and weekly pre-op evaluation meetings greatly improved our patient selection, which overall improved our statistics regarding complication rates, post-operative hospitalization, etc. In-service trainings increased the awareness of our nurses towards complication symptoms. This also improved their confidence, knowing that they are our first line of defense as they are responsible for the monitorization of the patients. Regular patient meetings helped us understand what each patient expects of the operation, their difficulties, their opinions. We also received positive feedback from them, as they said that these meetings made them feel unique, which is exactly what we want because we know each patient is different. All in all, the program integrated each member, and truly made us a team.

Therefore, it would be fitting to say that Center and Surgeon of Excellence designations and the program process were truly a milestone both for me and my staff.

In conclusion, it is my firm belief that Center of Excellence and Surgeon of Excellence accreditation programs are indispensable for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and I would strongly recommend it to any institution, team and surgeon working in this field. It was really a remarkable experience.

Kindest Regards
Alper Celik, MD
Medical Director
Metabolic Surgery Clinic
Istanbul, Turkey